Outreachy - Final project progress blog post

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shheeshhhh!! 🤯 🤯 , I cant believe outreachy is over, feels surreal like i just started this few weeks ago!, well it is what its 😁, this past three most has been whole some, from learning Rust from scratch to getting to fall in love with Rust (don't worry i am still a c++ girl 😋), to learning all about confidential computing and web assembly, to networking with alot of people, yea you can tell it was awesome.

The main task for this internship was to Create demos to show how Confidential Computing works and I worked on the enarx project where i created a machine learning deo with rustlang, show case ho enarx works and why confidential computing is important, I created a machine learning demo wih Rust, in this demo, the workload (model and dataset) will be deployed to the TEE using Enarx, and the model will trained using the dataset in the TEE with ensures confidentiality and integrity.

You can check it out here

I also created demos on how to compile Rust, Golang, Ziglang and python to WASI 😁, see more here

First month was just all about getting to know more about Enarx and web assembly, playing around with WASI, i tried creating a simple rust fibonacci demo and deploying it on the TEE with Enarx..

Second month, I started working on my machine learning demo, there were alot of road blocks due to the fact that enarx is relatively new so not every feature works at the time and i was new to rustlang, but that didn't stop me, i presented my demo at OC3 ! on the 3rd month 😎 .

I am soo grateful for outreachy i got to meet alot of awesome interns and mentors and I joined an amazing community too 😁